• Name: Mariel Borowitz

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email Address: mariel.borowitz@inta.gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/385-1494

    Office Location: Habersham 318

  • Name: Peter Brecke

    Title: Assistant Dean for Information Technology and Associate Professor

    Email Address: peter.brecke@inta.gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/894-6599

    Office Location: Habersham 215

  • Name: Seymour Goodman

    Title: Professor

    Email Address: seymour.goodman@inta.gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/385-1461

    Office Location: Habersham 302

  • Name: Jarrod Hayes

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email Address: jarrod.hayes@inta.gatech.edu

    Office Phone:

    Office Location: Habersham 212B

  • Name: Jenna Jordan

    Title: Assistant Professor

    Email Address: jenna.jordan@inta.gatech.edu

    Office Phone:

    Office Location: Habersham 135

  • Name: Sam Nunn

    Title: Distinguished Professor

    Email Address: sam.nunn@gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/385-6544

    Office Location: Habersham 102

  • Name: Col. Michael Quinn

    Title: US Army Fellow

    Email Address: michael.quinn@inta.gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/894-4686

    Office Location: Habersham G16A

  • Name: Adam Stulberg

    Title: Professor

    Email Address: adam.stulberg@inta.gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/385-0090

    Office Location: Habersham 314

  • Name: M. Zak Taylor

    Title: Associate Professor

    Email Address: mzak@gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/385-0600

    Office Location: Habersham 151

  • Name: Fei-Ling Wang

    Title: Professor

    Email Address: fw@gatech.edu

    Office Phone: 404/894-1904

    Office Location: Habersham 214

  • No

    Name: Adm. (Ret) Sandy Winnefeld

    Title: Professor of the Practice

    Email Address:

    Office Phone:

    Office Location: